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Game nights are the bread and butter of any gamer community. They are informal events where gamers of all types and experience levels gather together to socialize, play, paint, build and more. These are typically free events that recur on a particular day of the week and meet in the same place each time, often a local store. 

Paint'N Play leagues are inclusive community events we run twice a year. Each league is a little different, but generally they span several months and encourage participants to engage in building, painting and playing. This is a great event for a new players just starting out, and experienced players looking for project motivation. 

AOS Primer Fall 2019.PNG

Tournaments offer players a chance to compete against their peers for prizes, glory and bragging rights. A typical event is one or two days with 3-6 games played in a weekend. Tournaments are a great way to show off painting skills, see new armies and test your skills against other competitive players. 

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